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I suffer from hypochondria, I have many medical conditions so every time they flare up I'm convinced it's something serious. I examine my body and I know just about everything about it and notice every change. This makes me sick nearly everyday, sends me into many panic attacks. I feel like no one understands and everyone is always frustrated with me, I seek constant reassurence and get attatched to people who comfort me. I have bpd, I don't know if there's a link between hypochondria and bpd?
shitborderlinesdo shitborderlinesdo Said:

There definitely can be a link between hypochondria and BPD. While it’s not a symptom everyone displays (it’s not something I personally do, but I have met people with BPD who did), I have watched a few documentaries describing borderline patients as having the tendency and the potential to either “fake” diseases and illnesses to get attention, or at least over-analyze the symptoms they display and blow them up entirely. Some people reading this may think these kinds of reactions sound familiar, though not necessarily when it comes to illnesses! I do this with social situations a lot. I over-analyze, and I turn the smallest reactions into the biggest problems, simply because I am paranoid. And yes, it is because of my BPD. This kind of behavior is likely to carry over into how you or others view illnesses as well.

This is a justified response though, considering how our brains work in the first place, wouldn’t you say? We’re in a constant state of change and ups and downs. I describe my life as a borderline patient as like being stuck in a kaleidoscope. The slides are always changing, and you don’t know what’s coming next. And it changes so quickly! And that becomes a lifestyle after a while, wouldn’t you agree? And of course we would apply that mindset to the situations around us. Social situations, illnesses. You have a headache, and if your headache is anything like your BPD, then gods know what will happen. 

Word of advice though: STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM WEB MD.


It’s a great site, don’t get me wrong, and you can learn a lot about illnesses there, but their symptom checker ALWAYS lists cancer or something else serious as a possibility. I researched what to do about a wart on my foot once, and it was like “YOU MIGHT HAVE CANCER??” Indeed. :/ Actually, try not to even ask Google about your symptoms. Google can be just as bad. ASK YOUR DOCTOR. The internet is informative, yes, but sometimes it can be… TOO informative, you know what I mean? And it tells you unrelated things and makes you scared for the worst.

As for dealing with the anxiety, that’s something I’m working on too, so I don’t personally have any coping skills specifically for dealing with your anxiety concerning illnesses. :( Perhaps Alex will have some, or one of our lovely followers can help out. I hope what I have said has at least been helpful though. x


Lol, definitely don’t come to me for advice about hypochondria and anxiety. I convince myself I have lumps in my breasts and get scared pimples are cysts… I’m probably the last person you want to take advice from about these things. LOL. But I do second Mea. If you’re a hypochondriac, stay the fuck away from WebMD. Don’t be Dr. Google. It never works. You always have cancer. If your eye hurts, it’s probably cancer. If you’ve got a headache, it’s probably the worst headache of your life and you’ve probably got a brain aneurism. Seriously.. don’t do that to yourself. I still do it. But I have no fucking self control. Lol. Google is literally on my top bar. My only advice is to try not to diagnose yourself and get to a doctor who can tell you if your concerns are real or not. I suffer from really bad anxiety and I automatically assume the worst. Try not to do that.. it’s hard, but try! Hope this all helped..


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